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From Lagging to Leading: Mahek's Story to Becoming the first Doctor in her Family.

Updated: Sep 13, 2023


Every student's journey is unique. For Mahek Hussain, the path to success was paved with challenges, determination, and the unwavering support of The Tuition Hub. This is her story.


At 12 years old, Mahek faced a significant setback: she had failed the entrance exam for her local grammar school. Like many students her age, she found subjects like Maths and Science particularly challenging. With the right guidance, persistence and determination she had a remarkable journey to becoming the first Doctor in her family.

The Turning Point:

Mahek joined The Tuition Hub in Year 8 having one-to-one tutoring every week. As the tutoring is tailored her tutor didn’t just stick to the school curriculum, instead the tutoring was adapted to her needs, ensuring she not only caught up with her peers but surpassed them. By the time she was in Year 9, Mahek's academic prowess had grown so much that she secured a place in the grammar school she had previously failed to enter.

Results Speak Louder:

Mahek's progress didn't stop there. By Year 11, she was one of the top students at her school, a feat that earned her a mention in the Yorkshire Evening Post. Her hard work culminated in an impressive 12 A*s in her GCSEs. But perhaps the most significant testament to her growth was her acceptance into the prestigious University College London School of Medicine, a dream she had long cherished.

Beyond Academics:

The benefits of Mahek's tutoring went beyond just academic achievements. In her words, "The Tuition Hub didn't just teach me school subjects; it taught me resilience and the belief that I can overcome any challenge." This newfound resilience and self-belief propelled her to set her sights on becoming the first doctor in her family.

Another Success Story:

Mahek's story isn't an isolated one. Ayesha, a friend of Mahek who joined The Tuition Hub on her recommendation, made a remarkable leap from scoring a U to an A in A-level chemistry. Such success stories are a testament to the efficacy of our one to one tutoring service, with students typically achieving around five times better than the national average.


Mahek's journey from lagging to leading is a shining example of what's possible with determination, the right guidance, and a belief in oneself. Today, she looks forward to a bright future as a doctor, ready to give back to the community and help others.

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